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Sohn Linen Service Inc.

Wendy Vue
2401 Wood Street
Lansing, MI 48912
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Phone Number (800) 292-8689
Phone (517) 482-0631
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Product Description

Sohn Linen Service, a family business since 1933, offers the wildest selection of linen to the food, beverage and medical markets in Michigan. With a commitment to fairness and honesty, our promise to provide a positive linen rental experience for every customer. We have a team of dedicated professionals, including a full staff prepared to answer your call and expedite your needs. We can develop a comprehensive rental program that precisely meets your business requirements.

Experience the Purple Advantage

People - Experienced, dedicated and accessible
Unique - Culture of fairness and honesty
Responsive - Live phone answering, same day service
Product - Consistent quality and generous selection

Loyalty - To employees, customers and community
Easy - Agreements, billing and solutions

Products:  Services:
• Napkins and Tablecloths • Fair Billing
• Round Tablecloths • No Auto Renewal
• Aprons and Towels • Easy To Understand Invoicing
• Apparel
• Custom Embroidery
• Entrance / Logo Mats
• Facility Hygiene Services

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